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JcFinCalc Version 1.1

October 2012, by Crovy

JcFinCalc software is useful for quickly calculate a number of parameters related to purchase and sale of shares on the stock exchange.

The original program was developed in Visual Basic at the request of a friend who often works on the stock exchange, now I have decided to rewritten in Java to use it on different operating systems.

We explain what it does best:

  • Calculation initial capital net/gross;
  • Calculating final capital net/gross;
  • Calculating commission of buying and selling (with customizable parameters);
  • Calculating final margin net/gross;
  • Calculating percentage variation net/gross;
  • Calculating final value of stock from percentage variation;
  • Configurable for Italian and English languages (you can add other languages without having to be programmers in Java);

Obviously I have not invented anything, all calculations that can be done manually or with a spreadsheet, the advantage is that the program is very small (size as a video but also as disk space and memory) and can always be maintained always on top (ie above other programs) in order to facilitate their use.

The file "JcFinCalc.props" contains all the configuration parameters of the programme. You see the configuration of what you give set with the cost of Fineco transition:

// Configuration file for JcFinCalc PercentageCommission=0.19 MinCommission=2.95 MaxCommission=19 Language=en Country=US

In detail you can see that the data are requested for commission: minimum, maximum and percentage.

In practice the commission is calculated on the percentage of investment (or sale). Then if it is smaller than the minimum commission are considered the minimum, if it is greater than the maximum apply the maximum and in other cases the commission is calculated as a percentage.

In the file are two other parameters to indicate the language to be used for messages of the programme.

By default uses the English, but you can also set the Italian substitude "en" with "it" and "US" with "IT".

No other languages, wishing you could make yourself a file containing all the messages for a new language.

For this program is not required any installation process, simply extract the files, possibly customize the configuration file, and run the file jar.

We propose an example being counted as expenditure committee above those views.

  • Input Data:
    • Number of stocks = 100;
    • Initial Stock Price = 10;
    • Final Stock Price = 11;
  • Calculated Data:
    • Initial Net Investment = stock quantity * initial price = 1000;
    • Purchase Commission = 0.19% di 1000 = 1.9 but that is less than the minimum commission, and then becomes 2.95;
    • Initial Gross Investment = Initial Net Investment + Purchase Commission = 1002.95;
    • Final Gross Investment = stock quantity * final price = 1100;
    • Sale Commission = 0.19% di 1100 = 2.09 but that is less than the minimum commission, and then becomes 2.95;
    • Final Net Investment = Final Gross Investment - Sale Commission = 1097.05;
    • Gross Result = Final Gross Investment - Initial Net Investment = 100;
    • Net Result = Rendita lorda - Purchase Commission - Sale Commission = 94.1;
    • Gross % variation = ((final price - initial price) / initial price) * 100 = 10%;
    • Net % variation = ((Final Net Investment - Initial Gross Investment) / Initial Gross Investment) * 100 = 9.38%;


For this program is not currently a manual.

Requires J2SE 1.5 or higher, are not supported versions below.

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November 2010, by Crovy
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Ottobre 2012, by Crovy
This software is also available for Android devices!
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October 2012, by Crovy
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October 2012, by Crovy
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Change Log

1.1 dated 08.10.2012
  • Managed calculation starting from the negative percentage change;
  • First release;