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JcProperties Version of 07.01.09

January 2009, by Crovy

JcProperties is a very simple software that allows you to view all property system by the java method "System.getProperties()".

Since version 07.01.09 You can also use this program as a library so that it can be used by other programs.

Here is an example of use: import net.crovatto.jcproperties; JcProperties win_systemInfo = new JcProperties();

For this program is not received any installation process, simply extract the files jar and run it.

In the archive are presents two icons, one in PNG format for Linux and one in ico format for Windows, useful for create a shortcut to the program.


For this program is not currently a manual.

Requires J2SE 1.2 or higher, are not supported versions below.

Download JcProperties 07.01.09

Download Javadoc for JcProperties 07.01.09

To Do List

January 2009, by Crovy
  • None;

Known Bugs

January 2009, by Crovy
  • None;

Change Log

  • Modified for use as a library;
  • Added visualization of standard Java LookAndFeel;
  • Added visualization of available LookAndFeel;
  • Added visualization of system LookAndFeel;
  • Modified management of table resizing;
  • Modified to place the frame in the middle of the screen;
  • Addes icon;
  • Moved Close button on center of frame;
  • First released version;