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JcResizer Version 1.2.0

November 2007, by Crovy

JcResizer is a software that allows resizing batch of digital photos. I have always used the excellent, and free, IrfanView, but this only works with Windows, and having now finally adopted Linux felt the absence of a similar product (of course there are already programs that do the same thing for Linux, but as versatile as IrfanView I have not found), so I put to do so in Java, so it can be used with any operating system present and future.

Why resize photos? There are many reasons to do so, mainly for when you want to send by e-mail to a friend.

Perhaps no one realizes, but only send ten photos means at least ten mega bytes of data, and if the recipient of the e-mail did not ADSL is intended to wait a long time to see these ten photos also many boxes Mail nemmono not accept an e-mail that size.

To solve these problems simply resize the photos at a resolution of 800x600 pixels (600x800 if vertical) and set the parameter of "quality" to no more than 75 to get a good compromise between quality and file size (about 10 times less than original).

For example, a photo taken with a now obsolete camera from 4 Mega Pixel (2288x1712 pixels) to the highest quality generates a file of approximately 1300KB (1.3 MB), converted to 800x600 with 75 as the file becomes about 113KB. Setting 65 as a file becomes approximately 97KB and the quality is still good to see the photos on the screen, of course, if you have to send them to print the speech changes, but if the aim is to see the photos on the screen is absolutely recommended resize!

Another reason perhaps even more current compared to previous year (considering the high spread of ADSL lines) is to burn photos to a CD and then see them through a consumer DVD player from the table. Well, resizing them as well as having many more photos on a CD only improve significantly the time reading Photo obtaining a presentation more dynamic and fluid.

Want to see the photos on your mobile phone or PDA, resize, you will see more speed!

The main features are:

  • Resizing indicating the long side of the picture, this does not have to force them to resize first the horizontal pictures and then the vertical;
  • Option for not resize the photos if the resolution is less than a value determined by you (in pixels);
  • Option for not resize the photos if the file is less than a value determined by you (Kb);
  • Option to preserve the Exif information;
  • Option to keep date and time of original photos;
  • Scanning subdirectory;

For this program is not received any installation process, simply extract the files jar and run it.

In this image you can see how is the main screen.


Here we see a detail of scaling parameters.


Here we see a detail of the quality/compression parameters.


Here we see a detail of the parameters for not resize.


Here we see a detail of general parameters options.


In this image you can see the report of operations.


For this program is not currently a manual.

Requires J2SE 5.0 (version 1.5) or higher, are not supported versions below.

Download JcResizer 1.2.0


November 2010, by Crovy
This program is recommended by:
  • StagniWeb - Site dedicated to the railways which also contains useful computer guides;

To Do List Version 1.2.0

November 2007, by Crovy
  • Check if they are modified "conversion parameters" without asking each time if you want to save;
  • Display information from the selected file (resolution photos, date, file size);
  • Show preview of the selected file;
  • Understand the source file compression (not think it's possible);
  • Manual/Help;

Known Bugs Version 1.2.0

November 2010, by Crovy
  • I had occasion to use OpenJDK and this program does not work correctly. The program stops when the conversion process begins by generating an exception is not caught. We recommend using the official JDK of Oracle;

Change Log

1.2.0 dated 15.11.07
  • Modified layout to improve the display of parameters and to make it usable with a 800x600 resolution;
  • Added a parameter for not resize (and even then not change the quality) if the file is less than x Kb. This is because many times there are photos with good resolution but very compressed and thus prevents further loss of quality.
  • Now you can now save "conversion parameters" to a file;
  • Added option to save your configuration:
    • The source folder;
    • The target folder;
    • Option to include subfolders;
    • Reference to last "conversion parameters" file used;
  • Together with the name of the program you see the name of the "conversion parameters" file;
  • When the program start the Java version is checked, in the case of unsupported versions (less than 1.5) displays an error message;
1.1.0 dated 05.06.07
  • Issuing the first version on this portal;