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Program Update

February 2016, by Crovy

Attention! Google has changed the management of translation, so is mandatory to update the program to the release 2.0 (including the configuration file), the previous release do not working anymore.

JcTranslator Version 2.0

February 2016, by Crovy

JcTranslator is a software that allows you to use portals for online translations. In particular relies on Google. We say, but could not directly use the portal Google? Yes, but in this product was the automated translation feature, in fact, the document that you want to translate, and active program, just select the text or phrase to be translated and press CTRL-C (copy) to start the translation of selected text, there is also an option which automatically copy of the translated text in the clipboard so that we simply press the CTRL-V (paste) to have the text translated in our document.

For this program is not received any installation process, simply extract the files and run the file jar.


Since screenshot of the programme you can see how it's all very simple. The check box "paste" is the one that enables the automatic copy of the translated text in the clipboard system, but only if the program is running and not reduced to icon. The language of the text to be translated and translated text is selected by the combo box, the combinations are those permitted by the portal used and if they were to implement the new you can add them in the file "JcTranslator.props".

The file "JcTranslator.props" contains all the configuration parameters of the programme. This is the configuration that will provide:

// 23.01.08 // Modified marker_end from < to </div> // // 03.11.08 // Added new language combination, before in not possible to translate directly from french to italian; // // 21.05.09 // Added in the configuration file the parameters for make a connection through a proxy // // 07.05.14 // Changed in the configuration file the Google url // // 27.08.15 // Changed in the configuration file the Google url // // 09.02.16 // Changed in the configuration file the Google url // url= // Syntax (en|it), for example from English to Italian is what is sent to the // URL and therefore can not be changed // The number of languages may vary, the first is the default lingua_1=English to Italian (en|it) lingua_2=Italiano in Inglese (it|en) lingua_3=Italiano in Spagnolo (it|es) lingua_4=Italiano in Francese (it|fr) lingua_5=Italiano in Tedesco (it|de) lingua_6=Spagnolo in Italiano (es|it) lingua_7=Francese in Italiano (fr|it) lingua_8=Tedesco in Italiano (de|it) lingua_9=English to German (en|de) lingua_10=English to Spanish (en|es) lingua_11=English to French (en|fr) lingua_12=English to Portuguese (en|pt) lingua_13=English to Japanese BETA (en|ja) lingua_14=German to English (de|en) lingua_15=German to French (de|fr) lingua_16=Spanish to English (es|en) lingua_17=French to English (fr|en) lingua_18=French to German (fr|de) lingua_19=Portuguese to English (pt|en) // Markers to find the translated as a minimum there must be the first and the // last (end), all others are optional and there are as many as you want, for find use this method: // 1)Open a browser; // 2)Enter this address "" // 3)inserire la parola "hello" and select translation from English to Italian; // 4)to the monitor should see the word "hello" translated into "ciao" // 5)Displayed the source html and look for the word "ciao", at this point you have to identify markers useful to understand the position of the word translated; marker_1=id=result_box marker_2=> marker_end=</div> // For the application always in the foreground (only JRE1.5 onwards) onTop=true proxy=false proxyHostName=test.proxy proxyPort=8080

For this program is not currently a manual.

Requires J2SE 5.0 (version 1.5) or higher, are not supported versions below.

Download JcTranslator 2.0


November 2010, by Crovy
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To Do List Version 2.0

February 2016, by Crovy
  • Translating a text in all languages allowed only specifying the source language.

Known Bugs Version 2.0

February 2016, by Crovy
  • None;

Change Log

2.0 dated 09.02.16
  • Completely changed the management of the translation because Google changes all, earlier versions are no longer functioning;
  • Changed Url in the properties file;
1.9 dated 27.08.15
  • Completely changed the management of the translation because Google changes all, earlier versions are no longer functioning;
  • Changed Url in the properties file;
1.8 dated 17.07.09
  • Changed again the management of accented characters;
  • Added option to connect through a proxy;
  • Because of the change to the proxy that software can work only with Java J2SE 5.0 (version 1.5) or higher;
1.7 dated 06.11.08
  • Modified management of accented characters that, because of changes to the Google portal, were not translated more;
1.6 dated 24.01.08
  • Correct management of special characters which were translated with html coding, For example, the quotation marks " became &quot;
  • Added system beep when the translated text is available;
  • Added button to clear the area of placing text to be translated in the area of the translated text;
  • Added the ability to resize the text input area and the area of the translated text through a SplitPane;
  • Changed marker_end field of properties file from < to </div>. By downloading the 1.6 version of the file is JcTranslator properties already modified;
1.5 dated 26.11.07
  • When you made the request for translation is immediately cancelled previously translated text;
  • When the application is reduced to icon are no longer sent requests for translation;
1.4 dated 08.11.07
  • Fixed display of accented letters and special characters in the text translated;
  • When the program is shown at the center of the screen rather than in the upper left;
1.3 dated 07.05.07
  • Issuing the first version on this portal;