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Password Lock

March 2014, by Crovy

I have tried a new software Password Lock, an interesting application to store safely and manage your passwords.
The application is written in Java and therefore works on most operating systems (Linux, Windows e MacOsX), is free and there is also an app for Android devices.

Application review

I tested the application on a Linux system. I have to say it works very well, is complete and intuitive.

After the download you have to unpack the zip file, you will find only one jar file to start with Java.

After the start we need to create a new archive.

You can create more than one file, each encrypted and protected with a password. This is an important fact many similar programs can manage only a single file, with Password Lock you can create all the files we want. For example, one may be the personal archive, the other to the office and another one for wife or children. In short, freedom!

Now we can begin to define the Categories to classify passwords. This is not mandatory, but may be helpful in case we have a lot of passwords.

Normally we create categories such as: BANK; EMAIL; ONLINE STORE ;
But we can also make a category for each person in the family, such as: WIFE; HUSBAND; CHILDREN.
With the use you will find the best way.
I preferred to manage passwords by categories.

At this point we need to add a password element. Press the button Add and it will open a window where you enter the data associated with our password.

Here, too, it is all very simple and complete control to highlight the quality of the password and the password expiration date, if any.

Once you have entered all the data press the OK to store the password.

Now we have to save the entire passwords file.

Press the Save button and choose the file name and where to save it. Then choose a password to encrypt and protect your file.
In this case, the application checks the quality of the password by highlight the field in red if the quality is low and green when the quality is high. Hopefully we can get automatically generate a password that meets the quality rules.
Warning it is important that the password is very secure because it is by this password that all our passwords will be encrypted and therefore unrecognizable to those who come into possession of the file. In addition you should not miss or forget this password because there is no way to recover it!

Now we can test the viewing and searching functions. It's all very intuitive. I highlight the convenience of search function, perhaps the fastest way to find a password!

We select int the table the row with the password that interests us. Now we can change the password, see the full card or launch the browser to the web address associated with the password.

Interesting is the ability to start the browser by copying to the clipboard the user name or password in order to speed access to the web page.

Molto importante anche la cancellazione automatica temporizzata dei dati dagli appunti e la chiusura automatica temporizzata dell'archivio delle password. Also very important the clipboard deletion timer and automatic file closing timer.


HERE you can find more informations about the application.

You can download the application.HERE.


Password Lock

Password Lock

Password Lock

Password Lock