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Who Am I

September 2007, by Crovy

Myself, my name is Fabio Crovatto and I have always worked in the field of industrial automation developing hardware and firmware for various types of equipment.

In 2001 are randomly landed the Java world and from there I decided to develop a series of programs in this language evaluate the possibility of using the same program between Windows and Linux.

The SerialAnalyzer was my first software in Java, of course, the first versions were very simple, born of the need to test communication protocols on serial line equipment developed by me. Now it has become a product rich in functionality and used by many people.

Short List of Software that I present

April 2011, by Crovy
  • SerialAnalyzer is a software Born in 2001 to monitor the data exchanged by the two equipment on the serial line. Time has evolved integrating connections tcp/ip and udp in client and Server mode addition to recall BeanShell scripts useful to compose real programs or simply calculate the checksum frame to be transmitted. This software, due to the driver to handle the serial line, can run only on Windows, Linux and MacOsX operating systems.
  • JcResizer is a software that allows resizing batch of digital photos. I have always used the excellent, and free, IrfanView, but this only works with Windows, and having now finally adopted Linux felt the absence of a similar product (of course there are already programs that do the same thing for Linux, but as versatile as IrfanView I have not found), so I put to do so in Java, so it can be used with any operating system present and future.
  • JcRename is a software that allows you to rename file names in batch. I use that program primarily for rename digital photographs and, as for JcResizer, I did because I have not found Linux program as versatile LupasRename, which of course only works with Windows.
  • JcTranslator is a software that allows you to use portals for online translations. In particular relies on Google, but with appropriate configurations can work with other portals. We say, but could not directly use the portal Google? Yes, but in this product was the automated translation feature, in fact, the document that you want to translate, and active program, just select the text or phrase to be translated and press CTRL-C (copy) to start the translation of selected text, there is also an option which automatically copy of the translated text in the clipboard so that we simply press the CTRL-V (paste) to have the text translated in our document.
  • JcGpsSimulator is a software that allows you to simulate a gps receiver by sending some strings standard NMEA-0183 on the serial line. This software is created to simulate the change to coordinate at your desk! You can read the coordinates from a text file specially formatted or doing a query on a dbase MySql or SqlServer. This software, due to the driver to handle the serial line, it may only work on Windows operating systems and Linux. Since version 1.1.0 was also introduced the ability to export data in KML format that lets you view the locations on maps Google Earth.
  • JcProperties is a very simple software that allows you to view all property system by the java method "System.getProperties()".
  • JcFontList is a very simple software that allows you to see different fonts available.
  • JcFinCalc software is useful for quickly calculate a number of parameters related to purchase and sale of shares on the stock exchange.
  • JcLafChooser is a software that allows you to choose, so very simple, the LookAndFeel that will be used by Java programs by setting the file
  • J2ME is the Java platform for mobile phones and handhelds.

    In this section presenting a series of programs, some are simple exercises, which you can perform on your mobile phone or our demonstration page. The demonstration page uses a Java applet that simulates a mobile phone (with reduced functionality, in fact, some programs do not work on the simulator).