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September 2008, by Mario

   The BinTemplate can read a binary file, and create a text file (report) contains the same information clearly and properly formatted and commented. For the creation of the report is required an appropriate descriptor, for the instruction read the documentation from menu "Help->Descriptor Documentation" of the program or follow the link below.

   The BinTemplate can perform too inverse operation: it can create a binary file with the data contained in a report. This is possible only if the report is in XML format.

Until now, for reasons of copyright, I could not attach any of the descriptors that I have already written because concern the formats used by the company in whose work, but now I can finally give you proof of the power of BinTemplate. Based on the specific Java Virtual Machine for the format of the files Java-class, I wrote a descriptor that allows you to de-assemble these files. For simplicity I interpreted only attribute "Code" (which that identifies the byte-code) but you can change the example and add more remain in compliance, of course, the original specifications. In download's session you can get software and the examples.

    The software is distributed free of charge and can be used without a time limit. Since this is not a commercial product does not offer any guarantee on its use.

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