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February 2010, by Mario

After a long time here is an update of DizioNet. Version 2.0.0 can also access the Internet using a proxy.

Download Download the Java executable from the Download together with the first English-Italian dictionary being updated (and what I do I upgrade from time to time using the DizioNet).

November 2007, by Mario

DizioNet is a software that allows you to create and manage a dictionary, for example for the translation of words from English to Italian, or vice versa. Works by forwarding your request to a second Internet server configuration set and stores the results in a repository. The export format TXT or HTML ensures consultation with the dictionary from a large number of readers software and hardware devices.

Read the documentation from menu "Help" => "Help" of the application or from the following link:

User's Guide (Only in Italian)

DizioNet main interface:

Interfaces of DizioNet

Convenient feature to translate a TXT or HTML files already saved:

Translate a text