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Aprile 2008, by Mario

    Today with the phone you can do many things. We often use it to write notes, in fact most of the devices is provided with an organizer that allows to write our own personal notes. But those preloaded organizer allow you to protect your texts with a password? My phone does not permit this, and so I thought about mgEdit.

MgEdit enables you to write whatever you want in practice notes and then build reading only providing the correct password. But it do much more! Texts protected by password are encrypt so they are not legible even after a possible mobile synchronization with the PC!

I could only test it on my Nokia 5300, you, if you like, try it on your device and communicated to me by a contact, I would like draw up a list of compatible fullest possible.

The default password is "1221", I suggest to you to change this password as soon as possible.

   The application is distributed free and can be used without a time limit. Since this is not a commercial product does not offer any guarantee on its use.

It is so when runs with the emulator:

Interface of mgEdit