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April 2008, by Mario

    The application mgMetroMilano is a software for Java ME's platform that allows the consultation of the subway lines in Milan.

   More specifically, the engine core is the software mgSvgReader, which is also made by me, who runs an SVG file, a standard graphic image that is widespread in the web.
MgSvgReader deals that you read SVG but also zoom its contents end search keyword contained highlighting them on.

   In the case of mgMetroMilano, SVG files I mentioned draw lines underground Milan with the names of its stations.

   Future updates will cover the engine mgSvgReader or SVG image or both, in any case the latest update available consists of two files, one with the extension jad (the descriptor) and an extension jar (application). Take the leadership of your device to learn how to install the application and if you need both jad that the jar or only jar. On my Nokia 5300, for example, simply connect the phone to PC through the USB cable and just copy the files jar in the SD external memory.

   In order for the application to run from your device, it is necessary that it implements the following Java ME's standard:

  • CLDC 1.1 (JSR-139)
  • MIPD 2.0 (JSR-118)
  • SVG API 1.0 (JSR-226)

I could only test it on my Nokia 5300, you, if you like, try it on your device and communicated to me by contact page, I would like draw up a list of compatible fullest possible.

    The application is distributed free and can be used without a time limit. Since this is not a commercial product does not offer any guarantee on its use.

It is so when runs with the emulator:

Interface of mgMetroMilano