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February 2011, by Mario

Bump: this is 3.0.0! The change is due to support for the touch screen (you can now select and move the boxes by touching them with your fingers if your phone has a touch screen) and the orientation of screen (now the game grid along the lines of the screen if your phone has motion sensor). I also added two icons to see the game time spent and the number of exchanges made.

Download Download it from Download area and then install it on your cell phone or

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Some pictures.

February 2010, by Mario

This update (2.1.0) I added a timer that indicates the time elapsed since the start of the game, so the best ones will continue to challenge each other to solve the puzzle in the shortest time possible! Also, the graphics of the tiles is slightly different.

July 2009, by Mario

I completed the new version 2.0.0! Now the game is more immediate and more graphic friendly.

February 2009, by Mario

    At home I use for a long time, the Ubuntu Linux operating system and I found the game fun included in it. I do not remember the name but, for those who had seen, it is the puzzle boxes whose sides were numbered. The goal of the game, of course, is reconstruct the proper order of the boxes so that the sides with the same number are adjacent.

    mgPuzzle returns to the game described above, but at the same simplicity of the game and at the same fun adds the advantage of being able to have with you, just upload it to your mobile-enabled platform Java ME!

    The game is deliberately very simple: I got the idea and now I can play! If you have any suggestions go ahead and send them to me using the contact area.

    I could only test it on my Nokia 5300, you, if you like, try it on your device and communicated to me by a contact, I would like draw up a list of compatible fullest possible.

    The application is distributed free and can be used without a time limit. Since this is not a commercial product does not offer any guarantee on its use.

It is so when runs with the emulator:

Interfaccia di mgPuzzle Interfaccia di mgPuzzle

And on my new Nokia 5230:

Interfaccia di mgPuzzle (Nokia 5230)