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Who Am I

September 2007, by Mario

Hello to all! I am a software programmer since the times of high schools, When my father gave me the great Commodore64. I learned the use of Basic and, at secondary schools, the Pascal and C. For personal passion I started to use the Visual Basic, the C++ and then API Microsoft Windows appreciating the power but also the complexity.

At the time of universities have entered into contact with a large number of children who used an operating system alternative, the GNU Linux This made me realize that the software that I had not run in that environment. For the first time I realized that there are different operating systems and the same guys spoke to me of Java and its ability to be executed on multiple platforms

Since then, I have much use Java especially in a "Standard Edition" and now also "Micro Edition" to be able to define a "Tutor in Java.

Today I develop firmware for a factory leader in its field. Use very C and assembler Zilog Z80 and partly assembly Motorola 68332 but the passion for Java has been so much I build software test and help with that language.

Short List of Software that I present

May 2009, by Mario
  •     BinTemplate. Allows you to read a binary file and create, starting from it, a text file (report) contains the same information but clearly, commented and formatted. For the creation of the report you must have a descriptor format of a file appropriate, read the documentation about the menu "Help->Documentazione Descrittore" in the software or on this link (only in Italian).

        BinTemplate is able to run the reverse operation: can create a binary file with the data contained in a report and automatically calculate any control fields present. This is possible only if the report is in XML format as we can read in user guide (only in Italian).
  •    DizioNet. Dictionary on-line to generate a local dictionary.
  •    JavaSplit. Split a file into a number of smaller files so as to facilitate their transportation. It allows you to make even the operation to obtain the original file.
  •    mgMetroMilano. Software for the Java ME platform. It allows you consultation lines of the Metro Milan.
  •    mgEdit. Software for the Java ME platform that lets you write your personal notes, with a password protected and encrypted.
  •    mgPuzzle. Game for the Java ME platform. It is a puzzle with numbered boxes with which fun.