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Marzo 2014, by Crovy

Attention! Google has changed the url used for the translations.
We recommend you download the new package with the modified configuration file.
If you want you can edit the file JcTranslator.props by changing the line
in the following way

February 2014, by Crovy

Store safely your Passwords with Password Lock!

With Password Lock you can store all your passwords, i.e. credit cards and ATM PIN codes, ID and USERS codes in a single encrypted file which can be read only from you both through your Android device and through your PC with an also available free Desktop version which runs on Windows, MacOsX and Linux.

You can find Password Lock details here or on SmartPhone-apps site.

Android app on Google Play

January 2013, by Crovy

The software JcRename is also available for Android devices!

Android app on Google Play

October 2012, by Crovy

The software JcFinCalc is also available for Android devices!

Android app on Google Play

April 2012, by Crovy

Ad with pleasure that I opened the site smartphone-apps, dedicated to the application for smartphones and tablet.

April 2011, by Crovy

Added the project JcMeTelevideo for the J2ME platform (for mobile phones).

This program allows you to view the italian RAI teletext pages in your mobile phone.

February 2011, by Mario Gambino

New mgPuzzle 3.0.0 with support for touch screen and the screen orientation and the addition of two icons.

November 2010, by Crovy

Added the project JcMeTranslator for the J2ME platform (for mobile phones).

This program allows you to always have an automatic translator in your mobile phone.

September 2010, by Crovy

Conditions change due to free hosting service of Netsons we moved the site from Netsons to Altervista

February 2010, by Mario Gambino

New features and graphics in mgPuzzle (Java ME). Now there is a timer that counts the time of play, the game is more immediate and and more graphic friendly.

Version 2.0.0 of DizioNet can also access the Internet using a proxy.

September 2009, by Crovy

Added the Tic-Tac-Toe game, JcMeTrisBT, for J2ME platform (for mobile phones).

The main feature is that you can play in two, everyone on your phone, using BlueTooth to communicate the moves!

February 2009, by Crovy

Added program JcLafChooser to quickly select the LookAndFeel to use!

September 2008, by Crovy

Java House celebrates its first year on the web!

Here you can find statistics on page views in our first year.

May 2008, by Crovy

Now you can also try our programs for J2ME platform (for mobile phones) in our demonstration page directly from the browser!

February 2008, by Crovy

The site is also published in English language.

November 2007, by Crovy

Want to stay up to date on new offerings on our site? Subscribe at Java House RSS feed!

What is an RSS feed?

Briefly, is a way to know the latest news in real time (for example used by newspapers online) and to be informed if a site has posted new content without having to go and check every day.

For example, if you subscribe to our feed, once a program is updated or a new one is released you will be informed by feed reader without having to check every day our site. Moreover, as opposed to a mailing list do not have to register, then no password to remember and if you want to cancel your registration you do from your feed reader without having to send us your request.

The feed reader is now integrated in all browsers, but you can integrate more advanced or install programs independent of the browser.

Read more!

September 2007, by Crovy
September 2007, The Java House project was born

The project includes:

  • Making people aware of the Java language
  • Showcase our software projects

Project Java House

December 2007, by Crovy

The project Java House born from the desire to make available to all, through networking, software developed in Java.

These software are born to personal needs, some believe that could prove useful to many of you, while others may be too specific.

This has led us to create this site where you can download our software, and through the contact , to point out errors or request new features.

In addition to computer programs, from December 2007 were added simple programs developed for the platform "J2ME - Java Micro Edition".

The J2ME platform to run Java programs on their mobile phone or handheld devices labeled "CLDC".


September 2007, by Crovy

Our software is considered "freeware" and then freely usable and cost.

Before you download and use our software we ask you to read and accept our license available in italian and in english languages.

About Us

September 2007, by Crovy

We are two co-workers enthusiasts of Java language. Our work does not require Java but C and Assembler (develop firmware) and then at Java can only devote our little free time. However, some of the projects we are presenting are designed to make it easier our work.


September 2007, by Crovy

Java is the real object-oriented language and the only truly cross-platform language. In fact, all our projects are tested, and used, both on the Microsoft Windows operating system on which Linux.

Java is an interpreted language, meaning that a software developed in Java to work requires in turn a program, the Java Virtual Machine, that can run the software on the host operating system. Surely this slows the execution of a program, but I assure you that with the current computer problem is very insignificant and Microsoft for its dot net platform adopted the same solution, integrating much more with your operating system but losing portability to other operating systems.

Also let us not forget that Java is available for many operating systems and is free, as well as being widely used in schools.


September 2007, by Crovy

If you feel useful our software you can make a donation through the system "PayPal".