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Demonstration Programs for J2ME platform

April 2011, by Crovy

In this section you can try directly from your browser and without installing anything on your phone, some programs for J2ME platform (Java Micro Edition) for mobile.

This is made possible through a Applet (executable program in Java browser) that simulates a simple phone.

Once selected the program that interests you, the page you will see a mobile phone, use the mouse to select the various buttons on the phone so as to recall the features of the programme.

Programs that you can try are:

JcMeChrono A stop-watch for nine competitors that stores well 99 times for each competitor.
JcMeLight Turn your phone into a small portable lamp.
JcMeProperties Display the property of your phone (in the demo many data are not available).
mgEdit Notepad with password protection.
mgPuzzle Game of skill, puzzle with numbered boxes.
JcMeTrisBT Game of skill, Tris, also named Tic-Tac-Toe (in this demo BlueTooth don't running).
JcMeTranslator Automatic translator (at first run requests authorization to connect).
JcMeTelevideo The RAI TeleVideo on your mobile phone.